You Need A Smart Home Security System Now

Did you know that, according to research, 60% of convicted burglars pick a different target if they discover that a home security system is installed in the first one? The study also showed that the rate of burglary declined in certain neighbourhoods where some houses are equipped with security systems. As such, by installing a smart home security system, not only you protect yourself – you also help to protect your neighbourhood . 

By 2020, the number of people using smart security is expected to swell to over 22 million from nearly 3 million users in 2014. If you are considering investing in a home security system, you may be concerned about the costs, wondering if it is going to be worth the investment.

Below are a few reasons explaining the benefits of owning a smart home security system for you.

Reduce the risk of burglary

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a home security system is obviously to detect burglars. It is important to protect your family from any possible danger that may occur.

According to the study, 41% of burglars admit that most of their robbing decisions happened unprepared which means if they happen to notice that your property is easy to access, you might already become one of their victims. However, as mentioned above,  60% of convicted Burglars pick a different target to break in if they have discovered that the security system is already installed in place. So, just by having security systems installed openly, you would already reduce the risk of burglary by 60%.

The study also showed that the rate of burglary declined in certain neighborhoods where some houses are installed with security systems as well. Therefore, not only that you can protect your own family but you are also helping your neighborhood.

Monitoring your property

What’s more important than protecting assets in your house is to protect your loved ones. Whether it’s your beloved kids, elderly, or your dearing pets. Who is going to watch them when you are out? 

When there’s no one else at home to watch your kids or elders, a security system is a useful assistance, allowing you to monitor anyone in your family to ensure that they are safe. It will allow you to check in on  them at any time of the day, which will provide you with peace of mind. 

Investing in a smoke detector is also considerably important. Whether you live in a bushfire zone or somebody forgot to turn off the stove, you are always informed.

Thanks to modern technology, this allows you to monitor their behavior in real time and remotely. In case of the smoke alarm, you can be alerted and be able to take preventative action before any accident occurs. 

Money and Energy Saving

The number of people who install smart home security systems is gradually increasing. One of the main reasons is because it is a great way for reducing electricity cost. 

Property owners have finally discovered a solution to save their electricity costs when they realized they forgot to turn off the lights or air conditioning while they are gone. With an automated security system, for example, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, or remote home automation service, homeowners can now turn off anything in the house remotely which could save up more than hundreds of dollars each year. This is an effective way to prevent loss of life and property while managing electricity costs.

Aside from energy saving costs, according to the Electronic Security Association, the average loss for a property with a security system is $2,000 less than a home without protection. Therefore, if your goal is to reduce the risks of encounter burglary to protect your assets, it is obvious to see that a security system does make the difference.  

Lower your property insurance

Once you feel secure with the security level within your home, it is now time for you to reduce your spending in property insurance. Prove to your insurance company that your property is low at risk and has a high level of security to reduce your insurance premium.

The initial spending for a home security system might seem slightly high at first. However, it is important to consider what are the advantages that you can get in return. It is considered a valuable investment. By just owning the security system, it allows you to be able to protect your family from unexpected danger, prevent any risk of fire, reduce the risk of encountering burglary as well as save your electricity costs. 

At Northern Lights we are specialised in residentialcommercial and industrial security system installation. Avoid the risks and contact us today at Northern Lights. Our Auckland electrical services can assist you in securing your property.

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