An Electrician’s Perspective: Driving Electric Cars

Electrical cars provide significant benefits to both the user and environment; however, when looked at closely, they can also be associated with a range of disadvantages. Electrical cars have evolved for many years now, and with the recent rise of technological development, they have been experiencing significant growth. Electrical cars simply function with an electrical battery pack which provides power to the vehicles onboard electronics. Below are pros and cons to driving an electrical car:


Reduced ongoing costs

Electrical cars require recharging rather than refuelling. Across the globe, electricity is ubiquitous and cheap compared to gas/petrol, creating a cost and supply advantage. More so as some electrical car charging stations are free or require an hourly payment depending on the energy consumed within the period. You can install an electrical car charging station within your own home, with the ongoing cost dependent on your electricity usage. If your home is installed with renewable energy, take solar for an example, you will not have to pay a lot at all to recharge your electric car.  

Energy Efficient

An electrical car has the ability to convert a much larger percentage of energy into the vehicle than what a conventional car can convert. Electrical cars are a lot more energy efficient, they do not have a tailpipe like conventional vehicles so they cannot emit waste or carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. An electrical car battery converts a lot more battery power into the vehicle, meaning when you recharge it, you are putting more towards powering the vehicle than what refuelling it with gas can do. With technology development rapidly improving the performance of electrical vehicles, it is likely in turn to require less energy to generate the vehicle in coming models.

Reduced emissions

Electrical vehicles are a lot more sustainable compared to conventional vehicles as they can run purely off domestic sourced energy. Domestically sourced energy often includes renewable energy such as solar, wind or tides. Having the option to use renewable energy to generate electricity is a lot easier and sustainable on the environment as it minimises the need to find fossil fuels and natural gasses below the surface. With the rapid development of technology, we are expecting to see new models which require less energy to be generated.  

High performance and low maintenance

With the rapid development of technology, electrical vehicles are fitted with high performing motors that are a lot smoother and quieter to operate with less maintenance required. An electrical vehicle provides a much quieter experience allowing noise pollution to be minimised. It further operates a lot smoother on all surfaces through the AEV motor being quicker and more responsive. Electrical vehicles are fitted with internal combustion engines that are modern and in turn require less maintenance.


Limited range

Electrical vehicles are limited in the distance they can travel compared to conventional cars. Fully charged electric vehicle batteries cannot match the distance of a full conventional car tank yet as the batteries hold limited power. Depending on the model of the electrical vehicle and its class is the distance the battery can power the vehicle for. With the rapid development of technology, the performance of electrical vehicles and their distance per battery is likely to enhance.

Longer to recharge than refuel a Vehicle

An electrical vehicle takes a lot longer to charge than what it takes for you to refuel your conventional vehicle. Recharging an electrical vehicle can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 8 hours, whereas a conventional vehicle takes on average 3 to 4 minutes. As an electrical vehicle driver, you will need to plan your journeys based on how long you can charge your car.

Battery pack replacement

The battery pack in your electrical vehicle is likely to require a replacement throughout its lifetime. Electrical battery packs are expensive and will bring upfront and unexpected costs with your electrical vehicle.

Lack of consumer choice

Finding an electrical vehicle charging station in the general public can be difficult as they are not yet distributed widely among regions. Consumers lack choice in where they can charge their electric vehicles as fuel stations have not adapted to the vehicles introduction. Consumers are limited on when they can charge their vehicles, which is frustrating and very inconvenient in times that charging demand exceeds the available charging stations. With electrical vehicles being fairly new on the market, consumers are further limited for choice, meaning that they cannot be over selective with the limited range of models or brands available.

The adoption of electrical vehicles across the New Zealand market is emerging quickly. Although we do not specialise in electric vehicles, we do however specialise as Auckland commercial electricians and residential electricians Auckland. Avoid any electrical risks and get in contact with Northern Light electricians in Auckland.

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