At Northern Lights Lighting & Electrical we are here to take care of all of your homes electrical maintenance and repairs!

Proper monitoring of maintenance and any repairs needed is an essential task for your home. Faults in wiring can result in more serious dangers such as fires or electrocution if not given immediate attention. Carrying out electrical work yourself can also be a big risk to your personal safety and the consequences of badly installed wiring and appliances could become a risk to anyone else who is living in your property. If in any doubt, always employ a professional to carry out a job for you.

At Northern Light Lighting & Electrical we make safety a priority with our team of fully trained and licensed contractors specialising in a range of electrical services. From installing new electrical meters and installing surge protection to installing power sockets, indoor and even outdoor lighting, we have the expertise to safely and professionally install and repair electrical services and appliances for your home.


Our team of Auckland based electricians have over 20 years of experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions for residential customers, making repairs, upgrades and installations a simple process. Our trusted contractors will provide an honest and reliable service, keeping you informed every step of the way.

If you have any questions about the state of the electrical wiring or appliances in your home, or want help installing a new system or appliance then get in touch with them team at Northern Lights Lighting & Electrical today to see how we could help you come up with a cost effective solution for your homes electrical needs. Call us on 0800 177 275 or enquire online.

Take a look below for a full list of the services we offer for residential properties.

Here are a few jobs around the house that Northern Lights Lighting & Electrical can do for you!

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    • New switchboard
    • Repair/move entry point for overhead line.
    • Install underground mains cabling including trenching
    • Install/move meterbox
    • Install new earth peg
    • Install check meter
    • Install surge protection for home electronics.
    • Replace hot water cylinder element/thermostat
    • Hot water gas outlet


    • Install a heated towel rail
    • Install a heated towel rail timer
    • Install a fan heater
    • Install a bathroom fan
    • Install a bathroom light.
    • Install an RCD protected power plug – plug socket
    • Install underfloor heating
    • Install a spa bath circuit
    • Install fluorescent lights
    • Install/repair light switch


    • Install/repair a telephone point
    • Install/repair a power plug – plug socket
    • Install a new Sky/TV point
    • Install/repair light fitting
    • Install/repair light switch
    • Power for gas fireplace/heater
    • Install/repair pendant lighting
    • Install/repair ceiling lights
    • Install/repair wall light
    • Install/repair ceiling fan


    • Power for wall hung TV/Projector
    • 5.1 Speaker system
    • DVI/HDMI and Component Video cabling


    • Install/repair oven
    • Install/repair a power plug – plug socket
    • Install power for a hood fan
    • Install power for a microwave
    • Install power for a dishwasher
    • Install power for a waste dispenser
    • Install/repair a pendant light
    • Install/repair a ceiling light
    • Install/repair light switch


    • Standard home security package complete with keypad, 2x sensors, internal/external sounder.
    • Optional smoke detectors
    • Optional keychain remote
    • Optional automatic garage door opener control


    • Install/repair security flood light
    • Garden lighting
    • Water feature
    • Install/repair outdoor lights
    • Install/repair fluorescent light


    • Install new switchboard
    • Install/repair a power plug – plug socket
    • Install/repair fluorescent lighting
    • Power for automatic garage door opener
    • Install/repair light switch

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