Ready To Get Your Home Set Up For Winter?

As winter approaches, so does the cold breeze. How well prepared are you for the upcoming cold? Are you ready to beat the winter chills? It’s time to come to the realisation that it is essential to keep yourself warm inside the house during this time of the year. It is important to be well prepared and ensure the comfort and safety of your home. Here we gather solutions on how to get your home ready for winter as well as save on your electricity bill as much as possible. Read these tips and be prepared to create a warm, comfortable cozy home for yourself.

Check Your Windows And Curtains

As small a factor as it may seem, shutting and opening the curtain at the right time does have an impact on the temperature inside your house. During the day, when the sun shines through, make sure that you open windows to absorb the heat. As the sun sets, be prepared to shut all of your windows as well as the curtain to prevent the cold breeze from entering. 

In fact, to increase the extra warmth inside your house, you may even purchase a set of thermal curtains or insulate curtains that help regulate your indoor temperature and also block the warmth inside your house from escaping out through the windows. This can give you more comfort, save your electricity bills as well as block any unwanted noises.

Check For Leaks

Another simple way to prevent any cold breezes from entering your home is to seal air or water leaks around your home. Poorly sealed doors or windows or even gaps around your ceilings may allow winter chills to enter your home. Inspecting around your area and seal any gaps that have air or water leakage is not only going to help you with preventing spots in your house but also help you save up your electricity bills. 

Close The Door

If you have a heater installed in your home, be sure to use it wisely. Nobody wants to be paying unexpected expensive bills for staying warm in the house. When the heater is running, closing the doors of any unused rooms can help keep the heat to be stored in the necessary area. This may save up a lot of your costs of keeping the heater running.

Cover The Bare Floors

In case your house has a completely bare wooden, concrete, or tile floor, adding a rug or a mat to cover up can help prevent the cold chill from rising. Adding an additional layer to your floor is basically adding another layer of insulation to the floor keeping the warmth and blocking the cold from seeping up to the room. 

Add a Fireplace

What can be a better source of heat that can warm up the whole entire room within just a minute other than a heartwarming fireplace? Not only can it be a great decoration that elevates the interior design of your house, but it is also a considerably excellent source of heat that helps you stay warm during the winter season. Family gatherings around a fireplace, snuggling inside a cozy blanket, drinking hot chocolate is a nice, calming way to spend time in this cold season. 

However, similar to air leaks around the house. It is important to avoid leaving the fireplace damper open. If they are not in use, leaving the damper opens means allowing cold air to enter your home and release the warmth outside. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of utilising your fireplace. Open the damper when you are using the fireplace to release the smoke out while making sure you close them once you are done using. 

Underfloor Heating

Another practical and cost efficient way to heat up your cold floor tiles is to install an underfloor heating system. The underfloor heating systems are placed on the base of the room, providing the distribution of the heat across the floor, evenly and consistently heating up the entire space. Unlike the radiator, underfloor heating systems do not take up space, additionally, the systems can heat up in a larger scale compared to a radiator, they also work in lower temperature which means less costs on your electricity bills. This is considered a great alternative to more traditional heating methods such as radiators or a hot air heating system as it efficiently heats up a room with lower temperatures and spreads it more consistently and evenly.

If you are looking for further assistance with installing underfloor heating Auckland or under tile heating Auckland, feel free to ask our Auckland Electrician, we will help you out in the best way possible. At Northern Lights, we offer full service on residentialcommercial, and industrial electrical maintenance as well as specialise in installing underfloor heating systems. Contact us now to consult with our friendly members.

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