What Are The Different Types of House Wiring?

It is no news that electricity is extremely dangerous and that contact with electrical equipment or wires can result in serious injuries or death. House wiring is a dangerous task and you need to be extremely careful when performing electrical work of this kind.

Electrical Wiring

The wiring in most homes is parallel, meaning that several devices are powered on a single circuit. Electrical wiring is an installation where cables and other equipment in our home, such as televisions, switches, lamps, sockets and air conditioners etc., are connected for distribution of electrical energy from the supplier.

An electrical wire is made of a material that conducts electricity and is often made of copper or aluminium. Most wires in our homes are insulated, which means they are wrapped in a nonconductive plastic coating. Ground wires, on the other hand, might not be insulated at all.

The most common type of wiring in our homes consists of individual wires wrapped inside a protective plastic sheathing. This cable is called a nonmetallic cable, and contains hot wires, a neutral wire and a ground wire.

Underground Feeder is a nonmetallic cable designed for wet locations, mainly used for outdoor components.

Cleat Wiring

In this wiring installation, insulated wires are held on ceilings or walls using wood or plastic cleats installed at regular intervals. This is a cheap and temporary method and is not suitable for homes. Also, this is an outdated method that is rarely being used these days.

Casing and Capping Wiring

This type of wiring was popular many years ago. In this type of wiring, the cables run through a wood casing having grooves, placed on the walls or the ceiling. This is a simple and cheap method, but there is a high risk of fire in case of short circuits.

Batten Wiring

In this method, insulated wires run through wooden battens using brass link clips. These wooden battens are placed on walls or ceilings by plugs and screws. The method is simple and cheap compared to other methods and also takes less time to install. This is the safest wiring installation and it’s mainly used for indoors – both in residential buildings and in industries.

Lead Sheathed Wiring

Conductors are covered with a sheath of lead, which gives the cables protection from moisture, mechanical damage and atmospheric corrosion. The cables are placed on wooden batten using link clips, and the lead sheath is connected to earth at the point of entry.

Conduit Wiring

In conduit wiring systems, the conduits should be connected to the earth at some suitable points in case of steel conduit. The conduit protects the cables from being damaged by rodents. Lead conduits are used at places prone to fire accidents. There are two different types of conduit wiring:

Surface conduit wiring – when the conduit pipes are installed on walls or ceilings.

Concealed conduit wiring – when the conduit is installed inside a wall, ceiling or floor with the help of plastic or metallic piping. This is the most popular electrical wiring system nowadays.

Contact Your Auckland Electrician

When performing electrical tasks, you need to make sure you always disconnect the source supply before you start. You also need to use non-conductive tools and keep conductive materials away from the circuit. It’s important that your electrical wiring is installed correctly and safely. Incorrectly installed wiring can damage the devices and reduce their life expectancy. You should have an expert helping you with this. There are several factors to consider before the wiring installation, such as wiring methods, floor, ceiling and wall construction, and requirements etc.

Whether you want to rewire your current house or if you want to make plans for new build, our Auckland electricians are here to help you out. By discussing lighting and electrical options with an Auckland electrician, you will find the best solution for you in no time. The team at Northern Lights consists of some of the best electricians in Auckland, and we are committed to provide excellent service. We provide 24/7 service and no-obligation quotes. Get in touch with your domestic electrician Auckland today!

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